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 Chelsea P. Lee

Actor & Performer


ABOUt Chelsea

Chelsea Lee, a Deaf Queer actor, was born in New Jersey. Chelsea attended New Jersey School for the Deaf and graduated from Model Secondary School for the Deaf. Chelsea then graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Gallaudet University and obtained a Masters of Arts in Sociology from New Mexico State University. Chelsea currently resides in Colorado.


Chelsea has always loved acting on the stage and took on various of lead roles in theatre when they were younger. In college, Chelsea created and worked on several American Sign Language translations of various of music videos. 


In the summer of 2018, Chelsea debuted as Jenn in the two time Oscar winning SOUND OF METAL which was released in the winter of 2020. SOUND OF METAL was also nominated for six Oscars. Chelsea also played Tonya in the Web Series, LIBRA and as Chelsea in DRIVE THRU WITH ANDREA.


Besides acting, Chelsea also works as a Deaf Interpreter which includes a lot of translation work between the languages of English and American Sign Language. Chelsea also volunteers their time working for National Association for the Deaf’s Youth Leadership Camp and as a language mentor for CORE Interpreters.

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